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BlackBerry 9500 Review

In olden days people used to use all bulky mobile phones with hard keypad, people found it difficult in handling them and carrying their operations. Today a new era has emerged in mobile phones - BlackBerry 9500.
BlackBerry 9500 Reviews - Full touch screen and OS 4.7
BlackBerry 9500 is known for its quality and appearance as follows.
1. Full touch screen
They are embedded with a special touch screen capability. This screen allows users to touch the screen and carry out their operation. The first phone which featured this touch screen capability, and included touch screen software was the new Apple iPhone. This iphone had problems in the software understanding. In order to solve this problem Black Berry introduced the stylish and powerful touch screen phone into the market. This mobile display images more clearly, as it has a resolution of 360*480.
BlackBerry 9500 has 4 physical keys. These 4 keys constitute (send, end, menu and back). It does not have any keyboard.
2. OS 4.7
This mobile phone includes a powerful and unique operating system. This system allows users to carry out all their operations with a single touch. Today its one of the leading wireless phones available in the market, most of the people of Europe and America are enjoying this model. This mobile phone functions with the new Black Berry touch UI OS. This OS is called as OS 4.7. All the buttons are available on this screen for users; people can touch them and dial numbers.
3. Entertainment functions
This mobile features entertainment functions like FM radio, Java enabled games, Audio and Video player. People can play audio files having formats like AAC, eAAC, MP3. Video player can play files of 3GP and MPEG4. This thunder phones runs a special music player. This player allows users to play continuous videos and audios for long duration without any disturbance. The display on this thunder phone is similar to the iPhone.
4. Network
BlackBerry 9500 uses networks like CDMA EV-DO, EDGE, GRPS, GSM, HSDPA (3G). For connecting to other mobiles this mobile features technologies like Bluetooth, WI-Fi, USB. This mobile uses this latest V2.0 technology along with A2DP for Bluetooth, this technology allows users to detect other mobiles and transfer files from them within less time. Its wireless connectivity allows users to connect to their local LAN and enjoy the effects of internet. It looks simple just like a glass surface. This mobile gives out an outstanding performance for the users.

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